Aug. 8th, 2009

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I have now seen Star Trek (XI) 3 times.

Time One:
I knew nothing about Star Trek, except that their fandom was biggest. [ profile] spaciireth and I had a conversation as the film was to begin, while daughter-of-a-trekker [ profile] chaotic8calm  was absent for a few moments, which went somewhat like this: "So, the Klingons are the bad guys." "Yeah, but not in this one, I don't think." "And Spock, he's not a human. But he's not a Klingon either." "What is he then? He does the hand thing, I know that."

Time Two:
Barely a week later, and by now I had a growing arsenal of Trek knowledge. However, the movie was still for the pretties and not for the fangirling at this point. And, although we had gone in a large and nerdy group, I may have spent part of the film distracted by my (at the time, quite new) girlfriend.

Time Three:
Last Night. The ANU Film Group was screening it for all it's members, and for $35 a semester to see 2 or more films a week in our own special cinema, why wouldn't you join? So, once again [ profile] spaciireth , [ profile] chaotic8calm  and I ventured forth into the world of the future &c. This time, though, we had whole swathes of Trek Knowledge. My fic rec post which is compiling itself for tonight or tomorrow will be proof at least of our new-found-fandom lurking. So now, finally, there is a chance for a REAL REACTION POST! Will we get one though? No. Instead, a few, short, silly fannish comments in no particular order.

- Spock seems to have a special lunge when he gats angry. We see this both when he faces the little Vulcan bullies and when he attacked Jim on the bridge. It's a sort of pull back in melodramtic rage, then forward for the ultraviolence. It makes me laugh a little.
- Bones is Eomer. I'm sorry, I can't see him without beard and golden locks. Much like Uhura is Anamaria and shouldn't be making out with Spock. That's Jim's job.
- Having watched TOS, I can say they're all really in character, but more... contemporarily bitchy?


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