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- Rio. Still.
- Where did Amy learn to pick pockets? Was this part of her junior timelord training/playing/psycotheraphy?
- Rory was so fierce this episode. It was too good to last.
- Ambrose was an idiot.
- The whole negotiating treaties had a very Star Trek Enterprise feel to it, albeit with the Doctor.
- Oh noes, crack in time, oh noes.
- Oh noes, gun, oh noes.
- Amy forgot! And the Doctor didn't and won't and I BET YOU he's keeping the ring in his jacket and Amy will find it and the memories will come flooding back and I hope so, because Rory was starting to grow on me.

I'm still sure that there's some sort of parallel dimensions thing going on, one where the Doctor went back for Amy and one (the one we're watching) where he turned up late, and that the cracks have something to do with this. His little "make history new" speech at the negotiation table seemed a little too foreshadowy not to be, but maybe that was just me trying to see my theory happen.

I'm also sort of glad that Amy has lost her memory of Rory, even if it's probably only temporary. I really didn't want to be seeing emo!Amy for the rest of the series. I do think this might also be a bit of a case of "die for my ship" - Amy will fall in love with the Doctor properly now, so when Rory returns, she won't want to go back to him. 

I suppose we'll see in due course.

Date: 2010-05-30 07:34 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ring is definitely important. Probably for the reasons you stated.

According to the very small portion of the speculation thread I read on Gallifrey Base (you have to be on there 24/7 to really keep up), there is an evil!Rory in the finale, and Amy not remembering him is important.

This comment is still sitting on my screen half-written about an hour after I began writing it. I shall post it now.


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