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The following is a masterlist of all my fanvids. While currently only from the Star Trek fandom, I'm hoping to broaden this in due time.

If you notice any errors or have any issues, please let me know right away so I can fix it for you as soon as possible. I want everyone to be able to see my vids if they wish! Downloads are available on request for YouTube hosted videos. 

I am also willing to take suggestions for future projects.

So, without any further ado, my vids...
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Title: Love Is In The Air
Series: Star Trek TOS
Rating: PG
Warnings: Much silliness!

Captain's Personal Log: Commander Spock and myself have discovered that we have, in fact, been under the influence of some strange lust-inducing pollen for quite some time now. It has resulted in some... strange feelings. Dr McCoy seems skeptical about the whole affair, but it is of no concern to us, as Spock and I have concluded to resolve these feelings in private...

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- Singing about Pliny and Vesuvius, then looking up volcano myths
- Trying to then pass off the volcano myths as study for CLAS2002, but really it's just for the Vulcan lols
- From there, looking at a debate on one comm as to who would win a battle - Klingons or Spartans (I'm pretty sure that Herodotos never mentioned Klingons)
- Contemplating the working relationship versus the personal relationship between Cicero and Atticus, rather than writing an essay on Cicero's letter-writing style
- Working on this rather than my Athenian Law essay

And that's all in the past 2 hours.
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No pairing this time, just some of the old Trek ultraviolence action to some Kate Miller-Heidke. Cos you know it works.

Politics In Space - Star Trek XI from KittySorceress on Vimeo.

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Oh yes. I went there. And my first vid too.

Title: The Call (Across the Ages)
Fandom: ST:TOS, ST II & ST XI
Pairing: Kirk/Spock
Rating: PG
Music: The Call by Regina Spektor
Edited By:  [info]xx_sorceress_xx

Summary: Kirk and Spock were together in the past and will find their way together now. Spock!Prime knows this, Kirk's getting used to the idea, but Spock isn't so sure yet. No need to say goodbye.


The Call (Across the Ages) - Star Trek - Kirk/Spock from KittySorceress on Vimeo.

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I have now seen Star Trek (XI) 3 times.

Time One:
I knew nothing about Star Trek, except that their fandom was biggest. [ profile] spaciireth and I had a conversation as the film was to begin, while daughter-of-a-trekker [ profile] chaotic8calm  was absent for a few moments, which went somewhat like this: "So, the Klingons are the bad guys." "Yeah, but not in this one, I don't think." "And Spock, he's not a human. But he's not a Klingon either." "What is he then? He does the hand thing, I know that."

Time Two:
Barely a week later, and by now I had a growing arsenal of Trek knowledge. However, the movie was still for the pretties and not for the fangirling at this point. And, although we had gone in a large and nerdy group, I may have spent part of the film distracted by my (at the time, quite new) girlfriend.

Time Three:
Last Night. The ANU Film Group was screening it for all it's members, and for $35 a semester to see 2 or more films a week in our own special cinema, why wouldn't you join? So, once again [ profile] spaciireth , [ profile] chaotic8calm  and I ventured forth into the world of the future &c. This time, though, we had whole swathes of Trek Knowledge. My fic rec post which is compiling itself for tonight or tomorrow will be proof at least of our new-found-fandom lurking. So now, finally, there is a chance for a REAL REACTION POST! Will we get one though? No. Instead, a few, short, silly fannish comments in no particular order.

- Spock seems to have a special lunge when he gats angry. We see this both when he faces the little Vulcan bullies and when he attacked Jim on the bridge. It's a sort of pull back in melodramtic rage, then forward for the ultraviolence. It makes me laugh a little.
- Bones is Eomer. I'm sorry, I can't see him without beard and golden locks. Much like Uhura is Anamaria and shouldn't be making out with Spock. That's Jim's job.
- Having watched TOS, I can say they're all really in character, but more... contemporarily bitchy?


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