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I have now seen Star Trek (XI) 3 times.

Time One:
I knew nothing about Star Trek, except that their fandom was biggest. [ profile] spaciireth and I had a conversation as the film was to begin, while daughter-of-a-trekker [ profile] chaotic8calm  was absent for a few moments, which went somewhat like this: "So, the Klingons are the bad guys." "Yeah, but not in this one, I don't think." "And Spock, he's not a human. But he's not a Klingon either." "What is he then? He does the hand thing, I know that."

Time Two:
Barely a week later, and by now I had a growing arsenal of Trek knowledge. However, the movie was still for the pretties and not for the fangirling at this point. And, although we had gone in a large and nerdy group, I may have spent part of the film distracted by my (at the time, quite new) girlfriend.

Time Three:
Last Night. The ANU Film Group was screening it for all it's members, and for $35 a semester to see 2 or more films a week in our own special cinema, why wouldn't you join? So, once again [ profile] spaciireth , [ profile] chaotic8calm  and I ventured forth into the world of the future &c. This time, though, we had whole swathes of Trek Knowledge. My fic rec post which is compiling itself for tonight or tomorrow will be proof at least of our new-found-fandom lurking. So now, finally, there is a chance for a REAL REACTION POST! Will we get one though? No. Instead, a few, short, silly fannish comments in no particular order.

- Spock seems to have a special lunge when he gats angry. We see this both when he faces the little Vulcan bullies and when he attacked Jim on the bridge. It's a sort of pull back in melodramtic rage, then forward for the ultraviolence. It makes me laugh a little.
- Bones is Eomer. I'm sorry, I can't see him without beard and golden locks. Much like Uhura is Anamaria and shouldn't be making out with Spock. That's Jim's job.
- Having watched TOS, I can say they're all really in character, but more... contemporarily bitchy?
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Honestly, those were the most depressing 5 hours of television I've ever watched.

Dear BBC,
spoily comments )
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BRB. Tears time.


That is all.

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Oh. My. Pantheon.

Excuse me while I flail a little and try to piece myself together before work.

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Title: The Sword and the Pen
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur preslash
Rating: PG-13
Warnings/Spoilers: Non-descript references to moments in series one. Set sometime after 1x13, I imagine.
A/N: After listening to the new Regina Spektor album and watching the entirety of Melin in about three days, I find myself inspired by one particular song and writing my first fanfic in 2 years. *eep*

Summary: After a run-in with another sorcerer trying to kill the Crown Prince, Merlin refuses to sleep but instead plans to spend the night watching over his master. His thoughts have other dreambound plans.

*~*~*I don't want to live without you... )*~*~*
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My name is


My sexuality is

ALWAYS!, artsy, baby dyke, bouncy, boy hater, complex, diva, fangirl, female, feminine, feminist, full of love, geek, girl lover, girly, hetero-romantic, kitty, lipstick lesbian, Miss, me, multifacetted, princess, redhead, romantic, sapphist, sensitive, snuggly, sparkly, student, sweet

What's yours?
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[Error: unknown template qotd]For $18.95 I can get a pepperoni pizza (extra sauce + parmesan) and a garlic bread delivered from Pizza Hut. I have no car, so this is the best form of takeout for me :) Unless Casey or Sam is driving to Maccas.
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That makes it the fourth morning in a row that I've woken up at 5am WITHOUT AN ALARM CLOCK TELLING ME TO DO SO. And I didn't even sleep last night, not properly. I moved out of the hotel and into the temporary Fenner room, but the mattress was too hard and my pillow was all new and not squidgy yet, and I left the radiator on for too long, so I overheated. Not to mention, it was officially the last day of the exam block, so the entire hall (that is, the 20% who haven't seemed to gone home yet either) spent the night getting off their faces drunk. And my room is currently ground floor, near the south lifts. Three guesses which tower the drunkards live on. -_-;

So, have to get ready in a moment, opening the store today... but in the meantime, I will leave you with these:

- Download and listen to One Glove, they're two guys I did theatre with who have just started this new group. If their website gets enough hits and good reviews, they'll get to play at a major festival in August, and they could really use the break. They're fantastic besides.
- Thursday saw the amazing schoolboy/semi-lolita photoshoot in Civic, with [profile] hexamarillion as the schoolboy and myself as the imitation lolita. The pictures haven't uploaded brilliantly, but I'll give you a little taster of a great post to come.

whitewashed and lovely are we 
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It was a pretty quiet affair. No relatives within this half of the world to come and visit us made it sort of... lonely. Plus, there is more turkey left over than usual. I blame the Americans, they breed their turkeys big. *g* Going to church on Christmas Eve was really the highlight of the holiday, the music was angelic, and had the priest not given his homily on the topic of "journeys" I would go as far as to say I have never enjoyed Mass more. Then, of course there was the obligatory Christmas-cake eating and tiniest amount of alcohol for the older children and parents drinking (12-year-old Bridget was highly disappointed with her glass of milk).

For a year when we weren't going to get gifts, it wasn't such a bad haul. I recieved:
- A teddy from Build-a-Bear. Yes, he is wearing a suit. Yes, I named him Ianto. I am such a fangirl.
- The complete series of Black Books, Amazing Grace and Hairspray all on DVD
- A bag of Lindt chocolate
- A share in the family gift of a Wii

I think I should also include my new digital piano which my parents bought me as a congratulations for my HSC mark, even though it wasn't actually a Christmas gift. It's currently sitting in front of me, here in my room.

On this note (haha bad music pun), I recently received a mp3 of the recording which was done of my HSC music composition. So, without further ado I should like to premiere "Chaconne", a short piece for piano, violin and flute in the style of Ross Edward's 'maninyas'. You can find it here.
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This is a ficlet which was inspired by [personal profile] mylodon 's Daft Fic. It will make no sense without reading the original and the best.

Title: A daft conversation...
Pairings: Archie/Horatio, Jack/Ianto, implied Jack/Archie
Rating: PG
Warnings: mpreg (never thought I'd write that) and general silliness. Also, unbeta-ed.
Disclaimer: Not mine.

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When you see this post, quote from Doctor Who on your LJ.

"Not bad for a man in his jim-jams. Very Arthur Dent."
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Our fandom has begun to explode again, and it will only get larger over the next few weeks. This is a time for us to welcome with open arms the new members of the fandom. We should be encouraging creativity and discussion. We should not be starting fights. The film has only been out for a few days, and already we can see denial, exclusion and arguments erupting all over our f-lists. I won’t pretend that I didn’t have issues with this movie, but I don’t see that to be a reason to completely discount entire bits of the film canon.
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I'm am so tired - my day started at 9am with breakfast, then the cinema at 10am, music theatre at 1:30pm and babysitting from 5:30-9:30... I wish there hadn't been so much between the cinema and now, and my response was a little more articulate.


May. 8th, 2007 07:15 pm
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Okay, so I got back home last night, but being tired and downright lazy, I couldn't be bothered to update my journal. However, today I am a little less tired and a little less lazy...

- Reunion was good. Bad jokes about chickens and post-war Holland ensued. Apart from a very annoying cousin, not a bad weekend.
- Finished the first of my [profile] lazy15 challenge thingy-tables

Fandom: PotC
Pairing (trip-ling): Becillington or Beckett/Gillette/Norrington for the unenlightened.
Rating: PG-13
Notes: I've taken a crack table, a crack ship and made a series of drabbles/dribbles/sentances and rants which aren't as cracktastic as they could be. ENJOY!! 
It can be read: here.
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... I won my heat on The Einstein Factor.

A plea...

Nov. 14th, 2006 08:41 pm
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Everyone who likes slash, marauders and general hilarity - read the [personal profile] shoebox_project

[/Harry Potter fan coming out for a moment there]
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This is my story for the James Norrington Ficathon hosted by [personal profile] sarkastic. It was written for [profile] ashtonecks

Title: Curiosity/Broken Hearts
Rating: G
Pairings: Norribeth, Norrington/OC
Setting: Post DMC - Pre AWE
Word Count: 765
What [profile] ashtonecks wanted: Vengeful!Norrington, Norrington paired romantically with either Liz or an OC, and lot's o' fun drama!
What [profile] ashtonecks didn't want:  Norrington slash, and overdose of angst (though some is fine)

My commentry: I'm a slash writer, so I hope this is okay. Also, I think it may be too angsty. I apoligise now for it... it didn't turn out how I had imagined it.


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